About us

Our philosophy

'Let's make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet'  

Real Bread Campaign

Just as our bread is as wholesome as we can make it, we apply the same philosophy to everything we do. All our packaging is  recyclable and we encourage re-use where possible. We minimise food waste in our baking processes, providing mini bites from the off-cuts.  

Any surplus baking (plus some naughty treats) goes weekly to the Valentine Primary School Food Bank in Sholing.

We also want to share our passion for baking and offer courses to allow others to fall in love with the world of real bread.

Our produce

As supporters of the Real Bread Campaign we try to follow their fundamental principles of:  Fresh-Organic-Additive Free. Our signature sourdough contains just three ingredients - organic flour, water and salt - nothing else. It's also a slow process - a minimum of 24 hours from starter refresh to bake. Maybe this is why folk, including those with a gluten intolerance, keep coming back for more. Even with our yeasted breads, buns and pastries we try, wherever possible, to use the freshest, most local ingredients.

We source all our organic flour and fresh yeast from Shipton Mill - a speciality miller based in the Cotswolds. This means we can guarantee the time from grain to loaf is always under a week.